Manolis Korres

Architect, professor emeritus NTUA


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  • Details

    128 pages

    1 black and white photographs and 41 drawings

    hardback, 25x33 cm.

  • Description

    The first part of the book presents, in the form of 22 full-page drawings, the story of a Doric column capital (weighing 12 tons) hewed from the quarry on Mount Pentelicon and transported to the Parthenon.

    The second part presents the ancient Pentelic marble quarries, the natural landscape from Pentelikon to Athens as it would have appeared in antiquity, as well as the transpotation methods of the time.

  • Contents


    Part I: Narrative and pictorial reconstruction 

    Part II: Explanation of the plates

    Appendix 1: Testimonies 

    Appendix 2: The Quarry of the Nymphs on Paros

    Table of  contents 

    List of Figures 

    Select Bibliography 

    Indexes, Glossary, Greek pronunciation, etc.

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