Photini N. Zafeiropoulou

archaeologist, honorary ephor of antiquities
photographs: Elias Iliadis, Socratis Mavrommatis


SKU: 9602042648
  • Details

    280 pages

    190 duotone photgraphs

    hardback with color jacket, 33x24,5 cm

  • Description

    This publication presents 60 magnificent works of ancient Greek sculpture.

    The essays include a description and brief commentary on each piece. The works, presented in chronologiccal order, belong to the collections of the National Archaeological Museum (Athens), the Kerameikos Museum (Athens), the Acropolis Museum, the archaeological museums of Delfi, Olympia, Delos and Paros, the Louvre (Paris), the Pergamon Museum (Berlin), the British Museum (London), the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York), and the J. Paul Getty Museum (Los Angeles).

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