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Dimitris Philippides 

Architect, emeritus proffesor of NTUA


Scientific Coordinators

Yiorgos Lavvas, archaeologist, architect, emeritus proffesor of NTUA
Dimitris Philippides, architect, emeritus proffesor of NTUA


Greek Traditional Architecture - Eastern Aegean, Sporades, Ionian Islands ENG

SKU: 9602040378
  • Details

    300 pages,

     450 color and 90 black & white illustrations,

    4 drawings and  80 maps,

    hardback, 30x25 cm.

  • Description

    Greek Traditional Architecture unites medieval and modern Greece (15th to 20th century), and is a valuable point of reference in the quest for modern Greek identity.The objective of this publication is the collection of relevant scattered material and the presentation of unpublished one, so as to give a complete picture of traditional architecture, and thus to contribute to the understanding appreciation and preservation of the architectural wealth of Greece.

    Color photographs of exteriors and interiors, original drawings of traditional neighbourhoods and houses reflect the wealth of architecture all over Greece.


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