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ΠΙΝΔΟΣ - PINDUS. The Unknown Mountain Range of Greece

ΠΙΝΔΟΣ - PINDUS. The Unknown Mountain Range of Greece

SKU: 9789602043455
40,00 €Τιμή

Δημήτρης Χ. Διβάνης - Dimitris Ch. Divanis

  • Προδιαγραφές/Details

    192 σελίδες/192 pages

    124 τριτονικές εκτυπώσεις/124 tritone illustrations


    28x29 cm, Cloth hardcover

  • Περιγραφή / Description

    In Pindus, readers experience the magic of discovering beauti-ful views of both natural and man-made landscapes of the cen-tral mountain range of Greece. The self-taught photographer, Dimitris Ch.Divanis (b. 1971), recounts how he started spontan-eously recording images of the magnificent mountain landsca-pes which have never, or very rarely, been featured in any pu-blication. Over time he succeeded in creating a corpus of repre-sentative pictures that constitute a stirring chronicle; on the one hand, of destruction and absence, and on the other, of indelible beauty and splendor. 

    As he himself writes about these mountains, "every stone up there has far more to tell us than anything we could imagine. Yet even if the nearer or slightly more distant past leaves you indifferent, seize the opportunity through these photographs to keep alive in your memory the image of a contradictory lands-cape which, because of the sweeping and often irreversible interventions it endures, you may not have the chance to see in this form again."

  • Κείμενα - Texts

    Δημήτρης Φιλιππίδης - Dimitris Philippides

    Δημήτρης Διβάνης - Dimitris Ch. Divanis

    Γεωργία Ισμιρίδου - Georgia Ismiridou

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