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Editorial Advisor and Co-ordiantor

Dimitris Philippides, architect



Konstantinos S. Papaioannou, architect

  • Details

    50 pages,

    33 color and 60 black & white illustrations,

    30x25 cm.

  • Description

    The 55 books of the series give historical, architectural and cultural information on the different areas and islands of Greece.The objective of the series is to gather and present scattered material which has remained unpublished so as to give a complete picture of each area.

    The books (about 50 pages each) begin with a a map, a general overview of the place and historical information and continue with more detailed analysis on the different aspects of local culture.

    They are color illustrated throughout with unpublished, unique, often full page photographs of exteriors & interiors and original designs & drawings of areas and houses.

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    Greek ISBN 9602041323

    German ISBN 9602041803

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