Scientific Editor

Andreas G. Vlachopoulos

archaeologist, assistant Professor at the University of Ioannina

Collector's edition: ARCHAEOLOGY, Aegean Islands

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    The publication is available in 60 signed and numbered copies. It includes the book, a specially crafted leather box and a collector’s fine art reproduction. The book cover is decorated with a fine art reproduction of a JANIFORM HEAD OF DIONYSOS/ARIADNE (Ancient Eleutherna, Crete) especially designed for this collector’s edition. The reproduction is printed on cotton paper, non-toxic and water resistant, using special inks with a warranty of 120 years. The custom-made box includes a reproduction of the Sarcofagus (Agia Triada, Crete) of the same specifications. This volume presents a survey of the archaeological activity on the Aegean islands from the 19th century to the present day, with an emphasis on the most significant discoveries of the last twenty years.
    The authors of the book are 45 famous archaeologists.

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