Andreas G. Vlachopoulos

Archaeologist, assistant professor at the University of Ioannina

ATHENS AND ATTICA History and Archaeology

SKU: 9789602043370
  • Details

    142 pages

    185 color illustrations and maps

    25x20 cm hardback

  • Description

    The book presents the prehistory of Attica (Neolithic and Bronze Age) first and then focuses mainly on the topography of the city-state of Athens over the centuries from 1050 BC, the beginning of historical times, to the 3rd/4th century AD, which is considered the end of Antiquity. The narration combines a discussion of the topographical, epigraphical and archaeological data, as well as of the great works of ancient Greek art created in Athens during this period.

  • Authors

    Olga Kakavogianni

    Archaeologist, honorary director of antiquities

    Angelos P. Matthaiou

    Archaeologist, epigraphist, Secretary at the Greek Epigraphic Society

    Panos Valavanis

    Archaeologist, professor at the University of Athens

    Lydia Palaiokrassa-Kopitsa

    Archaeologist, professor at the University of Athens

    George Steinhauer

    Archaeologist, honorary ephor of antiquities

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