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Collector's edition | THE PARTHENON

Collector's edition | THE PARTHENON

865,00 €Τιμή

Scientific Editor:

Panayiotis Tournikiotis

Architect, professor at the NTUA


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  • Details

    384 pages

    138 color and 198 black & white photographs, 105 drawings

    hardback with color jacket, 30x25 cm.

  • Description

    The publication is available in 200 signed and numbered copies.

    It includes the book with a specially crafted mirror cover with an engraved original drawing by Manolis Korres and a hand-made plexi-glass case.

    The belief that the Parthenon is the most important building in the world, the most perfect structure ever to have been made, is deeply rooted in contemporary thought. The book presents a collection of essays by ten expert scholars, whose shared subject is the Parthenon, though approached from different angles (architecture, archaeology, history of art). Its elevation to the status of the ultimate monument of antiquity but also of the supreme model for the contemporary world has had a profound effect on artistic and architectural creative activity. 


    Winner in the History Category
    American Institute of Architects
    International Architecture Book Awards, 1997

    "The Parthenon is of such unparalleled importance in the culture of the world that is worth having a compendium of drawings, references, histories, and writings about it.
    The contents of this single volume could fill a dozen shelves."
    (AIA Jury)

  • Contents


    Savas Kondaratos   The Parthenon as Cultural Ideal 

    Manolis Korres   The Architecture of the Parthenon

    Angelos Delivorrias   The Sculptures of the Parthenon

    Manolis Korres   The Parthenon from Antiquity to the 19th Century

    Fani Mallouchou-Tufano   The Parthenon from Cyriacus of Ancona to Frédéric Boissonas: Description, Research and Depiction 

    Panayotis Tournikiotis   The Place of the Parthenon in the History and Theory of Modern Architecture 

    Stelios Lydakis   The Impact of the Parthenon Sculpture on the 19th and 20th Century Sculpture and Painting

    David Van Zanten   The Parthenon Imagined Painted

    Dimitris Philippides   The Parthenon as Appreciated by Greek Society 

    Charalambos Bouras   Restoration Work on the Parthenon a d Changing Attitudes towards the Conservation of Monuments 

    Alexandros Argyriou   The Parthenon in the Consciousness of Modern Greek Poets and Thinkers



    Index of Proper Names and Place-Names

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