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THE THEATER (in German)


with a contribution by ELISA FERRONI

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    176 pages
    b/w numerous illustrations

    paperback, 22 x 30 cm

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    The theater of Eretria plays an important role in the study of ancient Greek theaters since Wilhelm Dörpfeld for it is one of the most ancient of its kind. It was excavated by the American School between 1891 and 1895. Ernst Fiechter published an exhaustive study of its architecture and chronology in 1937. In 1998-1999, the Swiss School carried on excavations to determine the chronology of the monument. Three phases could be defined based on the stratigraphical finds. On the same occasion, the koilon was entirely unearthed and documented for the first time.

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Εικονογραφημένες εκδόσεις τέχνης, αρχιτεκτονικής, αρχαιολογίας, ιστορίας και ελληνικού πολιτισμού από το 1953.

Νέα παιδική σειρά με εικονογραφημένα βιβλία με θέμα την αρχιτεκτονική, την τέχνη, την αρχαιολογία και τον κινηματογράφο.



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