Scientific Editor

Andreas G. Vlachopoulos

Archaeologist, ass. professor University of Ioannina


SKU: 9789602042908
  • Details

    464 pages

    500 color photgraphs

    hardback with color jacket, 29x24,5 cm.

  • Description

    The second volume in the Archaeology series examines Euboea and Central Greece, the wide geographical region spreading from the western shores of the Aegean to the coasts of the Ionian Sea. In this historical and archaeological journey, Euboea and the southern part of mainland Greece—Attica, Boeotia, Phthiotis, Eurytania, Phokis, Aetolia and Akarnania—are presented from the prehistoric era to the end of the ancient world. Thirty-five Greek and foreign archaeologists introduce the reader to the history and the monuments, with concise authoritative texts for each area. 

  • Other Languages

    Greek ISBN  9789602042823

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