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Architect, professor emeritus NTUA

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    68 pages

    23 drawings

    paperback, 20x19 cm

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    The Stones of the Parthenon is a compelling volume that explores the astonishing technological achieve-ments that made possible the assembly of stones on the Acropolis. This highly readable account tells how an eleven-ton Doric column capital was quar-ried and transported to Athens, epitomizing the achievements of the remarkable craftsmen who built the Parthenon. The author's intricate line drawings clearly show the methods and tools used to achieve this feat.

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    1. Athens and Her Quarries
    2. The Pentelicon Quarry
    3. The Marble for the Column Capital
    4. Sockets for Wedges and Levers
    5. Splittting the Block from the Parent Rock
    6. Preparing to Cut Away Excees Marble
    7. Removing Excess Marble
    8. Squaring the Block
    9. Overturning the Block to Work on the Underside
    10. Stages in the Formation of the Column Capital
    11. Assembling a Timber Sledge
    12. Hoisting the Block to the Quarry Entrance
    13. Descending to the Loading Platform
    14. Loading the Capital onto the Large Wagon 
    15. On the Road to Athens
    16. On the Eastern Outskirts of the City
    17. Passing the South Slope of the Acropolis
    18. From the Ramp to the Propylon via the "Balanced Wagon" Method
    19. At the Work Site to the East of the Parthenon
    20. A Dilemma: Greater Economy or Greater Security?
    21. The Work-Site after the Persian Attack
    22. The Same Site, Fifty Years Later
    23. Time Future





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